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Sirine Malas

Syrian Arab Republic

I can answer questions related to Syrian culture especially Damascene. I can also answer questions about "Arabic" cultures in general. I can answer in English, French and of course in Arabic.

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I m a native.


Layalina English Magazine - BBC Arabic short story award


BA in Marketing

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Mario08/23/16101010Thank you just the same.
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Recent Answers from Sirine Malas

2016-08-26 Unknown word transliterated as "hufuf?":

Dear Julian,    I understand where you are coming from but I don't agree with what you said about Arabic words changing with time. Arabic is a complicated language which is based on roots and derivatives

2016-08-22 SURNAMES:

Dear Mario,    unfortunately this is not my expertise. You need someone who knows about family trees in Arab countries and not all of them are similar. Like Saudi is different from Syria and Morrocco.

2016-06-03 inquiry:

Dear Gul,    You are mixing things up here . There is only modern classic Arabic which is written official Arabic that all Arabs understand but do not speak. Each Arabic country , communinity , region

2016-04-27 Quran Arabic:

Dear Yousuf,    What my regligion is , is a personal matter and it is none of your business.    As for your question I am not an expert in religion or in Islam. I am an expert in Arabic culture and language

2016-04-27 Quran Arabic:

Dear Youssef,    Quran Arabic is the Source and utmost reference of Arabic.     I don't understand what you mean by "regular" Arabic.     There is only two types of Arabic modern Classic Arabic and Arabic


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