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I am a Jill-of-All-Trades. My knowledge is varied over many subjects. My main topics of interest that I have the most breadth of expertise is as follows: entrepreneurship, business, professional writing, Customer Relationship Management,networking, brand Development/image creation,basic website creation,creative brainstorming, marketing and advertising, and personal development and goal setting. There is no question I can not attempt to answer. If I don't know I have plenty of people in my network and circle of friends who I can tap into who can answer it. Realize that I might take a few days to get back to you and gather my thoughts on your subject.

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I am a small business owner in the legal field, and author of an online resource site for living and visitng Chicago. I can answer questions about: running a business,debt strategies (both personal and business), legal questions, home based businesses, business plans,creatively raising capital when bank loans are not an option, marketing, advertising and anything else "that pops up" as being a question or problem small business related. My business website:

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Cornell College Alumni. Over 15 years of studying and being in business. Current small business owner.

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I love sharing useful information with people...can you tell? Here is a few places to get more information that is "need to know" from me!

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Hi Leroy!,    So, right now is your business currently under your personal social security number as a sole proprietorship, did I read that right? Since, you didn't tell me what kind of business you have


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