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I can help you in getting a different perspective on any workplace issue. Getting a neutral, balanced perspective helps when you yourself are too frustrated, stressed out or cynical to form a sound opinion of your own or to separate the issue from the person. I will give you an unbiased, practical, opinion supported by sound reasoning when it comes to: - Dealing with a difficult boss - Dealing with a difficult subordinate - Dealing with uncooperative/demotivated team members - Learning to project your work and not just completing it - Negotiating for timelines In short, any workplace related problem thats is not specific to a specific industry. I am your 'agony aunt' column for work place woes! :-) I CANNOT give solutions to precise 'technical' problems. There is a separate section for that! Go there!

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I have been in the offshoring/consulting industry for about 9+ years. The intensely competitive business coupled with the extremely challenging environments makes my learning much more than the average level. Plus people management has been my interest since childhood and I have done plenty of it right since my school days. Have researched, experimented a lot in this area as well. And I always think knowledge that comes out of interest and experience is much more useful than a college degree.


Deloitte Consulting


- Bachelor in Computer Engineering - Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA)

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2016-02-08 dealing with senior supervisor:

Hi Warinee    I apologize for the delay in my response. I understand your dilemma.    It's always tough to terminate somebody. Makes us feel very guilty and hence makes it very hard. On the other hand

2016-02-01 New job nightmare:

Sorry for the delay in my response Lerin. Missed your question somehow.     I can absolutely understand how frustrating and stressful your situation might be. I am glad to see that you have already given

2014-01-09 terminated employee committed suicide:

Hi Rachel,    Thanks for writing in. And I understand the immense amount of guilt you will undergo, which naturally impacts you in a long way. So let me be very clear about this:    It is NOT your fault

2012-12-03 Helping a coworker made my performance low:

Hi Jane,    Thanks for writing in. Quite a situation, where you might lose out yourself, in your attempt to genuinely help another :-)    First of all, you have not made it clear WHY your performance has

2012-08-20 New Hire - Learning Issues:

Hi Jennifer,    Thanks for writing in. I understand how hard it might be to be in this dilemma, especially when the employee is so eager to learn.    Unfortunately, despite your best efforts(which I can


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