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I can respond to any question related to Mexican Law and common business practices in Mexico. I can also compare and contrast between the American and Mexican legal systems.

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Licenciatura en Derecho from the Universidad del Golfo en Cordoba, Veracruz. (Cedula Profesional No. 5713238) Maestria en Derecho from the Universidad de Cristobal Colon en Veracruz, Veracruz. (Cedula Professional No. 6358321) Currently a Candidate for a Doctorado en Derecho from the Universidad de Cristobal Colon. 5 years of litigation experience in Mexico.


Bachelors in Electronic Engineering, California Polytechnic State Univ. Juris Doctor, Concord University in Los Angeles Licenciatura en Derecho, Universidad del Golfo, Mexico Maestria en Derecho, Universidad de Cristobal Colon, Mexico Doctorado en Derecho (In Progress), Universidad de Cristobal Colon, Mexico

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Recent Answers from John Lee Ward

2015-11-10 Deed on Mothers house:

Hi Norma,    I assume that the 2 years is the time it took to do probate before a Judge. I also assume that the $68,000 dollar figure is what you would have to pay to a Notario to put the house in the

2015-10-16 Cédula profesional al cancelar acta:

Estimado Erick,    No es posible "cancelar" un acta de nacimiento. Si naciste en los Estados Unidos, ya eres ciudadano americano por nacimiento. Y si tus padres son mexicanos, también eres Mexicano. Así

2015-10-07 Paternity:

Hi Tony,    You say you are going to court on Friday. Is that in the US or in Mexico?  What State in Mexico was the baby born?    To make a long story short, under Mexican law, with a DNA test, you can

2015-08-20 Quick claim deed:

Dear Michael,    The proper term is "Quit Claim Deed". If you wish for your father to execute a quit claim deed in your favor, he can do that in Mexico and a Mexican notary can certify his signature.

2015-08-16 Patria Potestad y Custodia from Baja California:

Hi George,    You could probably force the hand of HHSACWS in state or federal court. Or as you mentioned, you could just get a local California judge to terminate the father's rights. Exactly how to do


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