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I can respond to any question related to Mexican Law and common business practices in Mexico. I can also compare and contrast between the American and Mexican legal systems.

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Licenciatura en Derecho from the Universidad del Golfo en Cordoba, Veracruz. (Cedula Profesional No. 5713238) Maestria en Derecho from the Universidad de Cristobal Colon en Veracruz, Veracruz. (Cedula Professional No. 6358321) Currently a Candidate for a Doctorado en Derecho from the Universidad de Cristobal Colon. 5 years of litigation experience in Mexico.


Bachelors in Electronic Engineering, California Polytechnic State Univ. Juris Doctor, Concord University in Los Angeles Licenciatura en Derecho, Universidad del Golfo, Mexico Maestria en Derecho, Universidad de Cristobal Colon, Mexico Doctorado en Derecho (In Progress), Universidad de Cristobal Colon, Mexico

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Recent Answers from John Lee Ward

2015-03-09 custodia y demanda:

Estimada Diana,    Esta situación es muy complicada y sin tener mas detalles, es dificil dar consejo definitiva.    Creo que si tu llegas al DIF con tu acta de nacimiento y otros documentos para comprobar

2015-02-12 Marriage certificate Q, same as Jim:

Hi Ella,    This isn't really a legal question, but I will give you two suggestions...    1) You might try to call the nearest Mexican Consulate. At times, Mexican Consular officials are surprisingly helpful

2015-02-02 taxes:

Hi James,    In my experience, the custom of using the "valor catastral" (same es predial) is still the norm. However, what is changing is that there is a trend towards making the "valor catastral" reflect

2015-02-02 How do I order a certified copy of a marriage certificate from Mexico?:

Hi Jim,    The idea of getting an employee to help you out might seem shady by US standards but here it is quite normal and not considered inappropriate. There are services that will get the certificate

2015-02-02 taxes:

Hi James,    The custom in Mexico is to always list the tax value (valor predial) in sales contracts and not the market value. This is done to minimize taxes. The persons who sold you the house and lot


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