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Commercial diving, offshore diving, inland diving, military diving

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US Army engineer diver, Navy dive school instructor, Florida State University instructor, US EPA instructor, YMCA/CMAS instructor, commercial diving company owner.


Association of diving contractors international


Underwater magazine, scuba news, AAUS Slate


US Army diving supervisor, YMCA / CMAS instructor, Association diving contractors diving supervisor. Diving since 1992

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richard11/23/10101010great answers. very helpful

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2014-01-31 Mrs:

That is a hard question to quantify.    Military diving is some of the best technical training (physics, medicine, physiology, diving technology, tools, explosives) available having been refined over the

2013-07-20 Can a person survive a free dive (no oxygen) of 350:

In my opinion no, not without a natural physiological advantage and a lot of specialized training. These are world class athletes performing free dives approaching these depths.    As for the dolphin scenario

2013-07-20 Can a person survive a free dive (no oxygen) of 350:

Physiologically? Yes it is possible.    Humans have been to just over 700 feet of sea water (214 M) during no record apnea attempts.    This normally involves riding a weighted sled to depth and then riding

2012-06-15 Cutting:

How are you going to cut the steel?     How are you going to rig / recover the steel?    You would be much safer and efficient using a surface supplied helmet with communications to attempt any work involving


No it would have to be mounted inside the sub or on surface - not waterproof.    If you are only doing underwater cutting then you could go with a battery ignition system, that could be submerged along


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