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I have about 2000 logged dives. I am an instructor with a couple of agencies. I live in the carribean where I dive the sea and inland caves. I also have a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I am quite good at teaching proper techniques and mind control for diving success. I can handle all equipment questions regarding recreational diving.

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Certified Instructor in teaching status.
Cave diving, cavern diving and tours, breath and mind control.
Currently living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Coleen Frazer-Hambrick05/07/10101010Thanks for your help James. It helped .....
Darryl06/23/09101010Thank you so much James. This has .....
Beth05/15/09101010Thanks for your prompts and detailed answer .....

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2010-12-28 Diving in a old mining hole:

Hi Michael,    Depends.    You'll need to be able to have two areas.  One considered confined water, one considered open water.  An instructor can evaluate the area for you and advise you if it meets the

2010-11-25 weight:

Hi,    Depends on the size, the brand and the amount of air in the suit and the age of the neoprene (they become lest buoyant with age).    Also, a semi-dry will be more buoyant at the surface and "tighten

2010-11-19 deep diving:

Then I would look into HPNS (Google it) but that is based on using deep diving equipment, which at least would include a special mix of air and additional cylinders ("tanks"), but you could do it with

2010-11-18 deep diving:

Hi Richard,    Is this a theoretical question, or a practical question of how deeply can one safely dive with standard gear?    saludos,  James

2010-05-06 Barracuda:

Hi Coleen,    I used to dangle my stainless steel diver's watch in front of the barracuda in Mexico and try to get them to circle me, but they were always just curious and mellow... never aggressive directly


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