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Hello,I will be able to answer your questions regarding oil field diving, commercial equipment,salvage diving,saturation and mixed gas diving, as well as deep diving tecniques,and it`s related physiology,treatment,and hazards.

Experience in the area

Commercial diver since 1986
Graduated(honors) from Coastal School of Deep Sea Diving (Oakland,Calif.-1986)

What do you like about this subject?

The challenges of working and living undersea,knowing that each day is different from the previous one,and realizing that mother nature doesn't care that you are getting paid for it.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

A lot of the training that is done by astronauts for space missions, is first simulated underwater.

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Jay04/22/091010Thanks Gary for your answer
richard01/21/09101010Thanks for the response...much food for .....
Sarah09/26/08101010Very helpful indeed, great expert !
Mitchell06/07/07101010Thanks a lot! That helps :)

Recent Answers from Gary Shonert

2012-07-09 Coastal School For Deep Sea Diving:

Hello Lynda. As you know Coastal has been closed for quite some time. If you are looking to obtain student records for a 1976 graduate, i would suggest contacting the California Community Colleges, and

2010-11-12 hearing:

Hello Al. I do not see a problem for you learning to Scuba dive just because you are hard of hearing, however i HIGHLY recommend that you first see a Doctor (an Ear Specialist). Only he or she will be

2010-06-13 pin hole in air line:

Hello Lee, I would HIGHLY recommend that you REPLACE the WHOLE air line! It is not worth messing around and trying to cut out that section which has the pin hole.....Do not do it! Depending on the lenght

2009-10-07 School Closing:

Hello Rodney, I really don't know if Capt. Mikalowski is still living. I know that the College has been closed for quite some time, but as to whether the Capt. is still living, or has passed on i am not

2009-08-20 Coastal School of Deep Sea Diving:

Hello Mark, I believe i saw an article on it's closing quite a while back, and if i am correct it would have been in 1989, but i am not 100% sure. It might have been 1991. I have not seen anything online


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