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I am a Level 1 (Small Boat) US Sailing Certified Instructor on City Island (Bronx), NY. I have been sailing since I was a young child and starting racing as a Junior Sailor and continue both now. Racing as a Junior Sailor against the regular club members we won three first place trophies in the club owned boat. In another race we borrowed a members boat and placed third in a race that attracted sailors from around the NY,NJ,CT area.

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2011-08-18 sailboat interiors:

Some do, some don't...    But the locks aren't traditional locks, on a boat that size they are usually more along the lines of these:

2011-08-16 Phantom Sail boats:

Ed, I'm going to need some more information from you... Which version of the Phantom do you have?  See

2011-08-02 sailboat identification:

That ID tag is your HIN or Hull Identification Number.  This website ( can help you translate it.    You say your HIN starts with CME, so it was made by

2011-07-02 Scorpion drainplug:

I'm going to refer you to a smilar question I've answered before... Be sure to check the "View Follow-Ups" link at the bottom as some other have chimed in with more info that I was able to provide...

2010-02-28 Jib-Only Sailing:

Yes, you can sail with only the jib.  Most people who only use one sail, will do it with just the main though.  The boat will behave differently with only one sail - with the main, it will head up, and


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