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38 years as a professional pilot. Worked as an instructor for a major airline, as a tow pilot towing gliders and flew international routes until 1998. Do not know much about the maintenance end of the business.

Experience in the area

Teaching new Captains the skills and knowledge needed to occupy the position. Helping develop procedures for use in a new airplane type. (B757)

What do you like about this subject?

Life long passion for airplanes and flying. Raised on a small airport, Father and his brother were professional pilots. One of my sons is too. Flying is the greatest example of the marriage of an art form with technology.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Pass on knowledge to others.

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Prashant S Akerkar10/13/14101010Dear Ned Thank you. Thanks & Regards .....
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Prashant S Akerkar04/06/14101010Dear Ned Thank you. Thanks & Regards .....
Kee02/21/14101010wow, that's scarey! thanks

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2016-08-04 Short Haul Flight Paths and More:

Hi Jesse, you have not provided enough information to tell if your route was near the lake. However, at jet speeds the danger from contamination over an area this small could not be enough to be a problem

2014-10-12 Retractable mechanism for Landing gear in airplanes.:

When the landing gear is not retracted it provides resistance to the air as the plane moves forward after takeoff. This reduces speed and increases the amount of fuel required to make a trip.    On planes

2014-02-21 Airplane Crash:

Hi Kee, since you didn't hear anything there must have been something other than an airplane that you saw. A large plane that close to your home would have been very, very loud even with the windows closed

2013-04-07 What happens with Problem Passengers:

Hi Chris, Under today's environment pilots don't leave the cockpit to handle problems. In your case, with an injury to a passenger, the pilot would simply divert to the nearest airport and have him arrested

2013-04-05 Query re Flight Duration:

Hi Geoff, There are many weight limits that have to be observed by pilots. One of these is the maximum take off weight. This weight is set as limit during the certification of the aircraft and is affected


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