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I can answer questions about General Aviation and Private Pilot Flight Training in the UK

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I am passionate about flying; any excuse to get in a plane, talk about a plane, etc etc.

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The last join of your thumb is about 10nm on a 1:500,000 map, and 5nm on a 1/4 mill.

In a plane with two tanks that feed independently, try switching to the left tank and a quarter to the hour, and the right tank at a quarter past. That way you always know if you missed a tank change.

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I think that all pilots should be taught to spin, and grass airfields should be compulsory on the training course.

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Utsav Kharel12/17/0910straight answers quite helpful !!
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2014-10-07 Private aircraft landing on International and Domestic Airports:

In the UK and in the USA almost all civilian commercial airports are open to private flights.  The exceptions are the very busy commercial airports like Heathrow. Even there, if the private operator is

2013-03-23 V speeds?:

I'd need the flight manual to answer the question, I'm afraid, and not flying a Cherokee any more I don't have one. But I am sure if you Google Technical Specifications for a Cherokee (or (PA28-140) something

2012-12-11 Airplane Load / Weight.:

I can only answer questions about private flying so I can not answer question 1 and 2.    On question 3, it all depends on how much overloaded is the plane, how long is the runway, how warm is the air

2009-12-17 Seeking help:

I am really sorry but my expertise is in private, non commercial aviation, not the funding of training.      Some airlines do give scholarships, and the Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators in London have

2009-09-23 instrument flight:

THe ILS Feather is the path of an ILS approach outside controlled airspace; pilots are advised to keep clear of it unless making an approach.    We don't use area charts in the UK as such, but you'll find


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