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I can answer questions about general aviation, learning to fly, how to get started, and how to buy an airplane. Area of specialty is aerobatic flying. I do not have any expertise in flight training opportunities for students outside the USA, and I am not qualified to offer advice on becoming an airline pilot.

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I am no longer active in aerobatic flying, but was formerly a professional airshow performer and aerobatic flight instructor, with extensive experience in Decathlon and Pitts aircraft and light experience in other types. I also competed in IAC sanctioned competition through the Advanced level.


No longer active, past member of Experimental Aircraft Association, International Aerobatic Club, International Council of Air Shows, and Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.


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Commercial and instrument rated, certificated flight instructor since 1986

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Prashant S Akerkar12/11/12101010Dear Jeff Thank you. Thanks & Regards .....

Recent Answers from Jeff Davis

2014-10-12 Retractable mechanism for Landing gear in airplanes.:

Nearly all larger airplanes have retractable landing gear, but many smaller craft, especially single-engine airplanes, have a fixed landing gear.  There is really only one advantage to retractable landing

2014-10-07 Private aircraft landing on International and Domestic Airports:

Thank you for the question.  Private aircraft are allowed to land at international airports.  However, many pilots choose alternate airports because the international airports often charge landing and

2013-02-07 Snap roll VS Spin qusetion:

I don't agree.  As I said in an earlier response to one of your questions, a snap roll and a spin are exactly the same thing, they only have a differnet entry speed, and thus a different flight path.

2013-02-02 Piloting help:

Sorry for misunderstanding your question.  You are correct, when you transition from the crab ("kick out") you are briefly in an uncoordinated flight situation.  Remember that stalls are caused by angle

2013-02-02 Piloting help:

Thank you for your questions, the best pilots are those who are curious.  I'll try to answer your questions in order.  Yes, if your 15 kt headwind instantaneously reverses, you'll lose 30 kts of airspeed


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