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General aviation technical, training, rules and regs., instrument flying and training for the private license, the instrument rating, and commercial license.

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I have roughly 400 hours flying time, an instrument rating, complex endorsement, and currently working on commercial license and multi-engine rating


Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

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Prashant S Akerkar10/13/14101010Dear Mike Thank you. Thanks & Regards .....
Jon03/02/11101010THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sorry to yell .....

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2014-10-13 Retractable mechanism for Landing gear in airplanes.:

Hi Prashant,   I'm not exactly sure what you mean,  but I'll try to answer as best I can.  If my answer isn't what you are looking for,  feel free to follow up.     In my last answer,  I discussed how

2014-10-12 Retractable mechanism for Landing gear in airplanes.:

Hi Prashant,    Most airplanes do have retractable landing gear,  but not all.  Many small,  single-ended airplanes have 'fixed gear',  meaning that the landing gear does not retract.     The biggest benefit

2014-10-07 Private aircraft landing on International and Domestic Airport:

Hi Prashant,   I can only speak to the rules as they are in the U. S.,  according to the FAA  and US law.  For other countries,  you would have to address your question to someone familiar with the laws

2012-07-28 approach charts:

Hi Val,  Whenever there are two, or more, of the same type of published approach procedures, to the same runway, they are differentiated by a letter, starting with the letter 'z' and working backwards

2012-02-17 Cameras in planes:

Hi Namrata,     I imagine that in a few high-end private jets there may be some sort of surveillance system, but they are not used on commercial airliners.   Mainly because the flight crew needs to devote


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