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expert/master parachutist and an Instructor Examiner in the sport of Skydiving. Mike is a licensed (jump) pilot and parachute rigger, who is an analytical chemist in the "regular working world." As a dedicated instructor, Mike has made over 3,400 jumps since 1977. Mike has contributed to many of the training materials and exams used by USPA and the sport. He has authored numerous articles dealing with safety and training practices that have appeared in both Parachutist and Skydiving magazines. Mike participates as an evaluator at AFF Training Camps and Certification Courses and is a rated to perform Tandem instruction using both the Relative Workshop and Strong Enterprises gear. Mike is co-author of "Parachuting, The Skydiver`s Handbook and the CD-ROM text for "Skydiving, A Multimedia Reference."

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Recent Answers from Mike Turoff

2012-07-06 Parachute Design.:

What are the different materials used for manufacturing Parachute ?.    Originally silk, current technology is Nylon.    People who would like to use Parachute can jump from the sky from maximum what height/altitude

2010-09-30 Impact velocity using T10 parachute:

In freefall without anything overhead, it would have been 120 mph, but due to the amount of material overhead causing drag (thus slowing the fall rate), it may have been as little as 1/2 of that (60 mph)

2010-05-04 Military to Civilian:

GO FOR IT!!!    First off, work with the instructors at the skydiving center you will be training at.  They will have a series of chutes of various sizes and you should start out with one that is loaded

2010-04-04 the best spring loaded pilot chute for the MC 4:

I believe the "Hot Dog" type of spring loaded pilot chute will be one of the best choices for you to use with the equipment you have purchased.  As to a pull-out pilot chute, you would have to have a master

2010-02-17 Learning to skydive with a back condition:

Despite some parachutes having a better history of softer openings (even snivels), I wouldn't bet my life on that!  The more you defeat the opening sequence of a parachute by slowing it down, the more


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