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Large formations and world records.

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prashant10/09/09101010thank u sir, HAPPY LANDINGS
April07/07/06101010Wow! You just sound like an awesome .....
Jess04/24/06101010Hey, thanks heaps, so wind does play .....
Hayley10/14/04101010oh my god you are soooo great .....
Justin McLennan05/28/03101010Norge was very helpful with a reply .....

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2010-04-27 Skydiving Photography:

Hello ,yes there are dropzones that will ofer you a discount rate if you decide to take the course if full this consists of about 17 jumos to graduate  from student ststus,it is also a good way to go through

2009-09-27 happy landing:

Hello Prashant     I don't know about India however in America we start students into the freefaLL process after three jumps after static line training,this is a standard practice,Most people go the tamdem

2008-04-11 skydiving:

okay here goes,1 ,skydiving was invented after world war 2 after the troops were aught to parachute using a static line ,which is a line connected to the airplane that opens a parachute as you fall away

2006-04-22 parachutes:

Okay Jess, you're going to like this,The Ram air parachute (the square type you see in the movies ) is designed to travle forward .This is called Flight or glide aspect,for every foot of decent there is

2006-04-22 parachutes:

speed is measured by time against distance,still not understanding what forces you are refering to,is this wind or gravity of payload or wind resistance?


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