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I have time for you. The Bible has been my guiding light for most of the 56 years of my life. My missionary parents in Brazil kindled a love for God`s Word by their example and their love for truth. The Lord has blessed my husband and me with responsible, independent children who love and serve the Lord and are our best friends. I would enjoy discussing any subject or problem from a Biblical perspective.

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Debbie04/24/17101010Your advice is very comforting. Thank you .....
Dinocatty03/17/16101010Dear Mrs. Priscilla Lyons, Your prompt reply .....
Prashant S Akerkar11/02/15101010Dear Mrs Priscilla Thanks. Thanks & Regards .....
peter06/11/15101010THankyou very much that helped a lot .....
peter05/20/15101010thank you Miss Thank you MissLyons

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2015-10-30 Christmas Celebration.:

Dear Mr. Akerkar,      Thanks for writing.  I apologize for the delay in replying.  I had company this weekend and just now catching up on things.      Itís interesting to learn about Hindu customs.  My

2015-06-06 jeremiah 2:3:

God gives people a choice to trust and follow Him, or to do their own thing.  However there are consequences to their choices.  God allowed wicked nations to hurt Israel, even though He would rather have

2015-05-19 lamentations 3:

Thank you for sending your good question.  Like many aspects of the Bible, it helps to read it all, realizing His story (history) reveals Godís character of love and justice.      Lamentations is written

2015-02-23 222:

Dear Leonardo,      I donít know of any significance of the number 222 in the Bible.  I understand Mark 2:22 to mean that Jesus was bringing to us a new level of understanding of Godís plan for us.  The

2015-02-19 Love your enemies psalm.:

Thank you for writing, Prashant.        I donít think it is possible for us to completely control our feelings, especially love our enemies.  However, for the health of our bodies, it would be good to


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