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I can answer questions on issues about evolution and creationism. I can answer questions on how the Bible applies to every day life and the future of mankind. I have some understanding of spiritual warfare. I have a broad, basic knowledge of many topics and can answer general questions. If I don`t know the answer to your question, I`m not going to try and pretend that I do. But every answer a questioner receives from any person, expert here or anywhere else, must be weighed against what the Bible says and laid before God in prayer. Spiritual issues are too important to just accept what a person tells you without confirmation from the Bible and the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who gives a person wisdom. He will give peace regarding how to handle any issue or teaching if it is correct.

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I am a life long student of the Bible and have tested its teachings under fire and found them solid.


I have a Bachelor's degree in English and Art Education. I am a mother, and I think that is an educational qualification of itself.

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Hello Ray;    Jesus' death was a collaborative effort between the Jews, specifically the Jewish religious leaders, and the Gentiles. If the Jewish religious leaders hadn't arrested Him to start with the

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Hello Alicia;    There is no verse in the Bible that obviously and without question that explicitly states God wants children raised in families consisting of a married man and his wife, but it is in there

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Hello Peter,    Yes, you are correct. That is one way to look at it. Isaiah is also talking about how a person thinks forms his behavior. When an evil person turns from his wicked ways and looks to God


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