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Biblical Studies -- including Ancient Near East, Intertestamental Literature and early Christian literature.

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Recent Answers from Jim Miller

2017-03-04 Mental health medicine:

As far as I know no ancient pharmaceuticals were used for symptoms we would associate with mental health issues, except perhaps use of poppy for something akin to PTSD / psychological trauma.  I did see

2017-03-04 Mental health medicine:

Short answer, pharmakeia means use of herbal and chemical preparations, usually taken by mouth, but including some applied topically (on the skin), or, occasionally, as a suppository -- anally or, for

2017-02-24 1 Enoch 19:2:

I found one other that says they will become judges (or judged).  "Sirens" is an emendation.  Sirens were an ancient Greek legendary creature, part human and part bird, with voices which were dangerous

2016-03-20 Song of Songs:

Most translations have the speaker "wrapped", presumably in a cloak or shawl.  The term is based on a verb which usually means "to wrap".  Other translations follow early versions which translate "wander"

2015-10-30 Christmas Celebration.:

I have a few problems with this question.  It is not a Bible question, the topic of my category and expertise.  Although the Christmas story is in the Bible, the celebration of Christmas as a holiday is


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