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Biblical Studies -- including Ancient Near East, Intertestamental Literature and early Christian literature.

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Recent Answers from Jim Miller

2016-03-20 Song of Songs:

Most translations have the speaker "wrapped", presumably in a cloak or shawl.  The term is based on a verb which usually means "to wrap".  Other translations follow early versions which translate "wander"

2015-10-30 Christmas Celebration.:

I have a few problems with this question.  It is not a Bible question, the topic of my category and expertise.  Although the Christmas story is in the Bible, the celebration of Christmas as a holiday is

2015-05-19 Who were the wives of Cain and Seth?:

Through the first 11 chapters of Genesis we have several genealogies.  However, usually only one (or two) offspring is mentioned for each.  Obviously these people had other offspring, but the text mentions

2015-02-18 Love your enemies psalm.:

This is not so much a question for a Bible expert as it is for a pastor.  To answer the second question first, there is no guarantee that the other person will practice -- or attempt to practice -- the

2014-09-03 The seventy weeks of Daniel:

Verse 24 specifies various things which will happen some time in the 70 weeks.  One is to anoint the Most Holy.  Verse 26 states that the Sanctuary will be destroyed after the 62 weeks, and in the middle


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