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I do not follow traditional methods of therapy that treat the outer symptoms or give the illusion of a cure with a bandage approach in order to make one "feel good" by denying the real issues, the inner causes. I have eleven intensive years of personal experience in many "NEW AGE" areas that have lead me to discover new ways and methods of REAL emotional healing and in turn also healing our mental and physical bodies. I work with healing ALL emotions, the mental blocks holding them in place and the physical manifestations they represent. I use the knowledge and insights I have gained through either personal experience or my experience in working with others on their healing journey. I also use my intuition and other abilities to assist others to touch and begin to heal their real issues. If you have intent to HEAL your emotions and to take responsibility for your personal well being then I may be able to assist you. If you are looking for a quick fix, don`t ask me. Reed


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In Nov. 2008 I published my first book "Journeys from the Heart Centre" - Meditation as a tool for healing and self-empowerment.... You can either read the E-book on line, or download it at

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Two interesting insights I have to share are that stress is caused by denied terror and that depression is caused by denied heartbreak. Look beyond the surface judgments and re-actions and you will find the hidden cause.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

What I've learned on my journey and now share, goes against everything that our present "denial based" society believes to be true about emotions, feelings, love and life. I've created my web site saysame with links to other sites that will provide you with some information and food for thought as to how to heal the issues in your life and empower yourself.

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Karen06/27/14101010Thank you John for being so caring .....
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2014-06-24 Ocular Migraines causing more panic:

Hi Karen,    Thanks for the kind words. ((hugs))    Yes I am an empath. I don’t do “readings” per say, as most of what I share is what I pick up in the moment I am talking to a person or reading their

2014-06-24 Ocular Migraines causing more panic:

Hi Karen,     If you have had this condition for 30 years I wouldn’t consider it “life threatening,” but I can see your cause for concern. However, there is more to this than meets the eye, no pun intended

2014-05-13 Help...PLEASE:

Hi Mary,    This is not simple, but to begin to find the cause and heal it, you need to be totally honest. By that I mean with yourself.  If you have a history of major depression, you can’t be a pretty

2013-11-06 Panic Attacks:

Hi Darcy,    Yes, that could definitely do it, especially if it was repeated over and over..    Let me know how things go, or if you have any other questions..     Good for you in recognizing potential

2013-11-06 Panic Attacks:

Hi Darcy,    As I read your email, I kept getting the feeling that you were sexually abused in the shower as a child, and that these memories are coming back to you now and trying to get you to heal this


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