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I can answer just about anything on abusive relationships, but I can't give legal advice on how to get out of one that's something you need to speak with an attorney or a counselor trained and certified to deal with domestic violence issues to get resources in pursuing any/all legal recourse(s).

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I have been in abusive relationships and I have shared my experience in helping others to get out of these types of relationships. I was in two abusive relationships one lasting nearly 2 years and the other for 5 years.


Associates degree, bachelors degree, and I am a certified nursing assistant

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2013-07-21 How can I move past my abusive relationship and its effects on my self-worth?:

Im glad that you are moving past all this and beginning to put your life back together. My ex is currently dating some trashy broad he met off Facebook and started living together almost immediately.Remember

2013-07-15 Slanderous ex:

Breanna,    One of the cardinal rules I learned that when an ex has to slander you they're not accepting the reality of someone walking away from them especially if they're abusive. Abusive people are

2013-06-04 How can I move past my abusive relationship and its effects on my self-worth?:

My apologies for the delay getting back to you. I took the time to read what you sent me and much of what you're talking about is something that I saw in my ex boyfriend. He too was displaying signs of

2013-05-26 is my husband a sociopath?:

It's good you have recognized that you are in an abusive relationship, but you have to recognize that the situation doesnt get better and if your husband is abusive only when he drinks that's not a sociopath

2013-01-11 Emotional abused:

If someone is threatening harm to you take it seriously and if I were you stop sending this guy messages and leave him alone because in a lot of ways though you are harassing him and he could easily turn


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