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I will help you make an informed decision. Through my scholar and experiential experience, I can try to qualify the answer to almost any question. I have a multitude of resources at my disposal to be disseminated to all those who want to help themselves. I can only provide solutions if you are willing to make an honest effort to help yourself. I can facilitate the response but ultimately you are the answer.

Experience in the area

I have been in the civil service field of the law enforcement and judicial system for over 15 years in juvenile and domestic violence ranging from verbal abuse to physical and sexual abuse. I have investigated the cause and effect of abuse from its inception to unfortunate outcomes. My goal is to give you the power to make an informed decision so that it ultimately benefits you and your family.


I have many secular organizations that I am associated with that has enabled me to utilize my knowledge and experience to aid those within those inside and outside the organization.


I have legal publications where my secular work has been noted.


I have a Masters in Criminal Forensic Psychology along with associated certificates involving legal, psychological, and family matters. I have been a mediator in my secular employment and also a hostage negotiator. I have also studied theology and always relate spiritual matters to help people by seeking the scriptures for answers. God is the foundation of any good marriage and I would be remiss if I did not involve him in at least a small area of your concern.

Awards and Honors

I am a decorated officer with commendations relating to field. But my awards and honors that I value is when I am able to help somebody in thier times of need.

Past/Present Clients

All past and current clients are kept confidential.

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