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can answer all relationship questions involving unhealthy, addictive, or otherwise unhappy arrangements, except those involving the legalities of physical abuse..

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2016-06-22 Mistress:

this has NOTHING to do with him, and moaning about unfairness will fall on deaf ears; when you signed up for this arrangement, you became his "sex slave", so to speak, because your financial dependency

2012-09-10 girlfriend wants to leave me:

ok, first, i only have YOUR side of the story...i'll assume what you say is valid,  but i don't have HER side...you have 2 problems..as for her, she may feel love, but isn't  'loving", meaning she has

2012-08-31 relationship:

tough situation..in my opinion, the pregnancy and the relationship should be terminated..he's not changing, and bringing a child into this, considering your circumstances, could be considered cruel...

2012-08-06 I'm in a potentially abusive relationship:

have you lost your mind?..you have nothing better to do with your life than, at 14, get emotionally involved with some jerk you've never SEEN?...you are in a FANTASY, not a real relationship; this guy

2011-06-05 concerns about cheating, drugs, etc.:

1. yes, harmless, friendly communication need not be "reported"..2.counseling a waste of time if both parties aren't totally honest about all RELEVANT factors..3.before she leaves, she should have a plan


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