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I can answer questions directly related to your challenging relationships. I will give you a straight forward answer to what I think the problem is.

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I have the experience needed to help you sort out how to work through your relationship. I meet weekly with people who have challenging relationships so let me help you!




B.A. M.S. Marriage & Family Therapy; Ph.D. Psychology

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2016-09-21 Feeling comfortable again after an abusive relationship?:

HI Sara,  I don't think you should be in a relationship until you actually work through the things that led you to stay in an abusive one for so long. You basically went out of one relationship right into

2016-06-22 sem0725@gmail.com:

Sarah,    This has nothing to do with Fair or right. You have a business arrangement with him albeit an immoral one. If he is not happy he can choose to do what he wants until you simply let him know the

2016-04-21 I'm depressed, lost, I don't know whether i want to divorce or not, and If i want to divorce, I think Im not strong enough to get up and leave:

Sophie,  I want to suggest to you that this isn't even actually a marriage. It seems more like a strange roommate situation. My suggestion is that you move to your mom's and help her if you are able. Let

2014-09-14 wth?:

Nyka,    UUGGGHHHHH.....why would you stay in this type of relationship. It sounds horrible, depressing and simply unhappy. I think you should both just leave one another. There is domestic violence, anger

2014-08-15 Is this abuse?:

Kathryn,    Yes this is abuse. It may be mild, but it is offensive and disrespectful. Why would you want that in your life? If you continue to let little things like this slide then you are together 3


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