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Very little expertise about admissions to the medical school, and way out of date on the residency program.

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Was intern and resident in medicine 1951-1953

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Help people about residency at Yale-New Haven Hosp.

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Recent Answers from David W. Richardson

2007-11-15 hi:

Dear J,    Sorry, I'm just a heart doctor and don't know.  I think penetration with penis as far as possible is better than fingers, and I think any body position during and after intercourse is o.k.

2007-07-21 hi:

Dear Gail,    You need a gynecologist to answer these questions.  I'm just a simple cardiologist and can't answer most of them.  The likelihood of pregnancy with one act of intercourse around the time

2007-04-21 hi:

Dear Gav,    It takes a lot of science courses to be accepted in a U.S. school  Island med schools will not help you.  About 25% of those who have appropriate qualifications get accepted.  MCAT contains

2007-01-15 MLA paper:

Dear Leticia,    What does MLA stand for?  Medical papers usually start with an introduction that states the problem.  In your case it might say what the word encephalitis means, how common encephalitis

2006-10-21 Medical School:

Dear Mike,          Older is a little problem.  Med schools don't like to invest in a person who doesn't have a long time to be a doctor.  31 is probably o.k.  I doubt if nursing degrees help or hinder


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