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I`m a huge Angel fan and am extremely well knowledged in Angel history and episodes. I have every episode of "Angel" on tape, I have books, and am just very well steeped in Angel knowledge. I would love to help you with a question, or just to talk. Write me. I will give you my very best!.

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2007-02-04 there will be no more angel serias???:

Hi Adriana,        Unfortunatley, there are no more new episodes of Angel coming. Angel ended in May of 2004, almost 3 years ago. There was talk of doing some TV movies or direct to DVD movies, but those

2006-07-18 Cordy/ Angels soul:

Hi Omar,       Angel made a choice to go back to being a vampire because he felt being human again would cause more damage and pain. Buffy had to save and protect him, but who would help and protect Buffy?

2006-07-10 angel invite:

Hi,      It's an old custom that goes back to Bram Stoker. It's a rule that vampires, since they are dead, just cannot enter the homes or residence of a living human being without being invited. This rule

2004-09-21 Wesley:

Hi Sarah,      I can't pinpoint the actual episode, but Wes started to go without glasses during the third season. This was the year that Wesley began to change with the whole Angel/Connor prophecy, and

2003-02-22 buffy/angel:

Hi Jo,       Sorry, but it looks pretty unlikely that they will get back together. I have heard that Angel will be appearing in the Buffy finale this may. They say that this could change at any time, but


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