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I am a huge fan of the television show ANGEL. I watched from episode 1 and never missed a single ep. I can answer questions relating to the characters, their history, recurring characters, powers, the mythos, and the show itself. I can answer questions about BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER as well. I cannot answer behind-the-scenes questions.

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I have all 5 seasons on DVD.


I am also on for Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Voyager, X-Men, and LOST

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2007-01-10 Angel:

Hi Sophie,    Let me see if I can be of assistance:    THE BEAST  The Beast first appears in the alley where Connor was born [4x07 - APOCALYPSE, NOWISH].  At first, we don't know of his mission but we

2006-08-06 Possible Angel Plot Hole.:

Hi Jessica,    Wesley may have remembered bits and pieces but not the whole story of what happened.  Before Wesley broke the Orlon Window in ORIGIN, we get little glimpses here and there of what people

2006-07-10 Angel invite:

Hi Savanna,    Vampires need to be invited into a living person's home because they are sanctuaries or protected places against the vampiric soul.  It was most likely a spell that sorcerers conjured on

2004-12-12 angel:

Hi Tami,    Things become a little clearer after you see the episode entitled ORPHEUS (also in season 4).  It shows Angel throughout his life, in the 20s in Chicago and going to Barry Manilow concerts

2004-03-18 certain episode:

Hey John,    To my knowledge, there's never been an episode where Cordelia has performed any magic spell like that.  Cordelia never really did much magic.  Also, she doesn't have a daughter so I don't


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