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I can answer pretty much anything about Angel, the stories, behind the scenes etc, and anything I`m not sure about I'll research. I have watched every episode and own all of seasons to date. I also have an extensive range of the books. I can even answer questions on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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Watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer since it premiered and continued on following the character Angel.


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2011-05-22 angel:

Hi, Thank you for your questions.    Thank you for your questions.    1. Cordelia Chase dies in the Season five episode of Angel "You're Welcome" making her around 23 years old when she dies. We know that

2010-01-03 death:

Hi Anthony,    Thank you for your question.    In the final episode 'Not Fade Away' Lorne and Lindsey are sent to fight the Sahvrin demon clan.   After they both kill all the demons, Lorne and Lindsey

2009-06-30 Angel: The Series:

Hi Jeremy,    Thanks  for your question and sorry for any delay.    It could be possible that the deal won't take effect, after all anything can happen in the world of Angel and Buffy, so never say never

2009-01-15 Angel's name being Angelus:

Hi Joe,  Thank you for your question.    I think its mostly a writing thing, his human name was Liam, his evil persona is Angelus and when he's good its Angel, so I guess he needed different names so that

2008-07-15 Cordelia on angel:

Hi Pb,    Thank you for your questions and I'm sorry for any delay in replying.    Cordy became part demon in the episode 'Birthday.'  In the lead up to this episode we see that the visions are taking


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