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I am willng to take any serious inquiries regarding doctrinal issues of any cult in comparison to Biblical Christianity.

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Editor of the Berea Research Report
Past Research Coordinator of Berean Christian Research


Berean Christian Research


Roberts Wesleyan
BA Religion/Philosophy
May 1989

Nazareth College
MS ED Special Education

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Edited _A River of Water of Life_ by John Bunyan 1993
Edited _England''s Bloody Tribunal_1994
Authored _A Criticism of Brownsville''s Reply to te Pensacola News Journal 1999.

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Recent Answers from Paul Sutliff

2012-12-31 Alexander Therapy:

I did a quick examination of the theory and and its history.I will be writing a response to to you shortly.  What I need from you is anything that you feel crosses over the border from physical to esoteric

2011-11-23 5 percenters:

Hello Lynn!  I am going to share with you what the 5 Percenters say are there beliefs then share with you my experiences with members of the 5 Percenters of Islam. I think it is important to understand

2010-12-27 clinical adjective for cultists:

Hello Andrew,  Since there are various forms of cults, my answer would have to be "can accept circle reasoning," and does not find it essential to check out a group before joining it.    No true words

2010-08-31 is this "cult" real?:

Hello Liz!  I will do some research on this and get back to you.  A brief analysis makes me contemplate that this group does not fall under the classification of cult, but rather part of the occultic movement

2008-12-08 Religion vs. cult:

Hello Kenny!  The snake handler cult you refer to is not considered a "cult" by Christianity but a part of the occult.  More directly linked to  Santeria, a religion directly descended from Yoruba.   


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