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What is a Cult? Are cults dangerous? How does one become a member of a cult? Why do people join cults? How does one leave a cult? Why do cults exist? Are cults benificial?

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I have studied comparative religions for more than 25 years. I am currently a student of Ruchira Adi Da Samraj. My primary area of study is the interpersonal dynamics of the Guru/Devotee relationship.

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2014-01-15 Key questions of life-follow up:

Dear Kaylie,    Your summation that, " human was there to observe it ( How The World Began ) and it cannot be repeated and is therefore scientifically impossible to be proven...", is correct in as

2014-01-15 Key questions of life-follow up:

Dear Kaylie,     Your "nutshell" summation is mostly correct.    Perhaps a more accurate abridgment would be that, it is my "Experience" ( self verifiable perception ) that there is an All-Pervading-Perceivable-Process

2014-01-15 Key questions of life:

Dear KaYlie,    Thank you for your interest in my response to your inquiry. Be aware that AllExperts Policy is to Not reply or answer Scholastic based questions, as it is the belief here that the Student

2012-02-02 response:

Dear Matt,    Thank you for your well considered reply.    There does not appear to be a specific inquiry to your reply, so I am assuming you are expanding and clarifying your previous commentary?    Your

2012-01-31 good mind control?:

Dear Matt,    Thank you for your kind reply.    Before I start it is important to note that much of this discussion is dependent upon an a priori assumption about the meaning of the word term “cult”.


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