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I can answer just about any question about Honduras. I have lived here for 23 years and am currently involved with the tourism industry. I love to travel and therefore can provide many tips for travelers not only to Honduras but other countries as well.

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Resident of Honduras for 23 years. Extensive travel to many countries around the world.


College graduate

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2016-04-06 visiting honduras:

Hi Blaze, you have to be careful not to go into the wrong neighborhoods or stay out too late. The capital is not too bad as long as you know where to go, hopefully the people at the place you're staying

2015-04-08 Question about bringing cars to Honduras:

For import: Used cars cannot be older than 10 years. In customs you must provide an invoice or they will charge you custom taxes plus sales tax based on Bluebook value.   For visit: You can get a temporary

2013-01-14 travel tips:

Most countries do not require US citizens to have a Visa so I imagine your passport and driver's license will be enough as personal identification. As for your vehicle's documents I can only tell you what

2013-01-10 travel tips:

Hello,    In order to drive through Honduras you will need your passport and the title and registration of the vehicle in your name.    good luck!

2012-12-14 sending a SUV to roatan:

Hi, your X5 is considered a luxury vehicle and taxes are around 40% of its invoice value. Be sure to have your invoice and tell the seller he may have to authenticate the invoice if Honduran customs require


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