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I can answer questions about the culture, travel, business, food, people, language, etc. I lived in Honduras as a Peace Corps volunteer. My wife is also a Honduran.

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I lived in Choluteca which is in the Southern portion of the country. And I have traveled extensively throughout the country.


Bachelor of Science in Accounting

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2012-06-25 returning to USA:

Bonnie,    This is really outside my expertise.  All I can offer is a few things to think about.    Insurance:  - You will need Mexican auto insurance to drive your truck in Mexico.  - You will need US

2012-02-21 Slang Words for MONEY:

Diana,    Here are some slang words for money that are used in Honduras:    Plata  Lana  Pesos  Pisto  Billete  B˙falo - 50 cents  Daime - 20 cents  Lempira - not really slang.  This is the name of the

2011-07-19 Trip to Honduras:

Wayne,    Congratulations!    It would be risky to drive there.  Many of the roads are in poor condition and unsafe.  There is a high risk that you would be robbed along the way too.  You would not want

2011-03-29 Streetrod, mustle car business in Honduras?:

Keith,    While Hondurans typically don't have a lot of disposable income, they do have a fascination with cars.  Cars are often one of their greatest prides and joy.  I actually think that you will be


Carter,    I don't know how much cash you could technically carry into Honduras or if you would be charged a fee.  My guess is that they don't have any rules or fees.    Let me say this though -- DO NOT


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