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Anything regarding discipline, general teaching ideas, and ways to liven up a class. Pretty much anything to do with teaching kids ranging in age and level from kindergarten to junior high school.

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I have been an Elementary, and kindergarten teaching overseas for the past 8 years.


Ba English TESOL

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2011-03-14 Ideas about Lesson:

Sure well you can make a game out of anything, even just asking them compression questions.  There are a lot of game ideas online, variations on darts or tick tack toe... (on the board) online. Here are

2011-03-14 Ideas about Lesson:

Well, I've never read that book.  But what do you mean by activities, what kind of activities? reading comprehension? Actual reading activities? etc?  I often have the student break into small groups and

2010-09-13 Liven up my classroom:

Hey Alex, well my good friend google came up with a list of links here http://www.google.ca/#hl=en&safe=off&&sa=X&ei=_zOQTOGQNsaHcfSizdsM&ved=0CBcQvwUo

2010-07-20 how to?:

Hi Paul, sorry it took me a little while to get back to you I've been having some computer problems recently.    Well, for one I would assume if they are offering you the job that they know how you speak

2010-04-07 Becoming an English Professor:

That depends, where do you want to teach?    If you just want to teach kids you don't even need a teaching certificate just any old Bachelors degree will do.  (and having some kind of TESOL or CELTA won't


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