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I am able to give both general and specific answers to questions on how the brain learns, how to bring brain learning into the classroom, how to teach middle school students, and how to create classrooms that function in learner friendly ways.

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I have been teaching and studying how students learn, how the brain learns and how to teach middle school students for the past 13 years.


ACSA Calvary Chapel Church


B.A. Fine Arts Masters in Education and Educational Administration Juris Doctor in Law

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2016-08-20 Groups:

Sure, just do not replace the rulers. They do not value them, or really their education so let them do the work with out the rulers. Notify parents and administration of the situation and how much it is

2016-07-02 What does a person have to do so his new born daughter will speak:

I have thought on this a long time. There seems to be one or two  possible answers. The first answer is to move to London. This means the child will be exposed to the language and culture there. Her friends

2016-06-06 Can you teach a three year old child:

You can absolutely teach a three year old child. Remember to use very physical things to help them learn like blocks, hands, pictures etc. Read to them from picture books with just a few words. I would

2014-10-21 Grammar:

Tim,   The sentence is what I would call context dependent. It reads like it was taken from a larger body of text. Yes, it is not what I would call text book grammar. I get the feeling it is from a news

2014-01-11 Homeschooling Special Needs Children:

I would say that home schooling is one option among many for the education of children with special needs. Most, if not all, school districts have programs for children with special needs. They are generally


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