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Esther Coronel de Iberkleid


I can answer questions regarding: Teaching Methodologies, How to inspire and motivate students toward excellence, good teaching procedures, how to eliminate stress of students, create good connection with students, teaching sciences, improve environment for better results in class. I cannot answer legal topics in specific countries in education

Experience in the area

35 years of experience in education in diferrent countries languages at all levels of education. As well Education in Business Testimonials of Students


My thesis at the universities and articles in all my blogs


Primary and Secondary Levels: Double Bachellor - Liceo Francés Montevideo – Uruguay (1966/1970) Previous to University: Institute Yavne, Montevideo, Uruguay (1972) University: B.Sc. Chemical Engineer – Facultad de Química Universidad de la República Uruguay (1981) Lic. Chemical Sciences – UMSA Convalidación de Título - La Paz, Bolivia - Agosto 1989 M Sc. Organic Chemistry – Technion, Israel Institute of Technology - Haifa, Israel (1985) Magister in Química – Facultad de Química Universidad de la República Uruguay (1990) Informatic Student – Universidad Mayor de San Andrés - 1989 Doctor in Chemistry by Thesis – Facultad de Química Universidad de la República - Uruguay Title in “Provisión Nacional” in Chemistry: La Paz, Bolivia - Marzo 1991 Kinesiology – Energy Medicine - USA - 2008 TFH, PKP, EFT NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching – 2008 y 2009

Past/Present Clients

I work with students and teachers of all levels of education, in different languages: spanish, english, french and hebrew Teaching students: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, How to study to be successful, Teaching Teacxhers: How to teach to be a great teacher

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Bernard12/21/14101010Thank you very much!
Joanna10/21/13101010Dear Ms. Coronel de Iberkleid, Thank you .....
Dhi Ramlochun04/06/131010Thank you :)
christina01/03/13101010Dear Ma'am, I would like to thank .....

Recent Answers from Esther Coronel de Iberkleid

2016-08-17 Management:

Put clear rules and tell them if they break anything they have to replace or pay for the replacement    If you are unable to know who was the one that did it all the class pays so you have extra supplies

2014-12-09 Students checking Testpapers to help teachers:

17/12/2014  Hi Bernard  Thank you for your question  It is a great question! Sorry for the delay in answering  I wonder why you want to practice actions you consider are wrong.   I do agree with you regarding

2013-10-20 physical activities for special education:

20/10/2013    Hello Joanna:    This is my advice to you regarding your request:    I understand you are a special education teacher for adults with intellectual disabilities.     Did you ever consider

2013-04-06 Learning styles and theories:

6/4/2013    Hello Dhi    Exactly what I mentioned    I highly recommend you to read what my students and clients say here    Do not hesitate to contact me again if you have

2013-04-06 Learning styles and theories:

5/4/2013    Hello Dhi    I wonder if you are studying to be a teacher or you are already a teacher.    When we teach we are working with human beings and every person is different.    Teaching is the art


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