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I am an educational psychologist and counsellor, with more ten years of experience in teaching, parenting, running support groups and workshops, teacher training and counselling. I would like to share my knowledge and expertise in issues particularly related to helping children cope with learning and the school experience.

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Bernard12/15/14101010Thank you!
HESSA09/19/14101010thank u so much
Al06/15/141010Dear Dr. Marilyn, thank you so much .....
Joanna10/20/13101010Okay...thank you for trying anyway!

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2015-02-21 Telling a teacher you feel uncomfortable:

Hello Zoe   Thanks for your question.   The best approach here is to be honest and straight forward. If this person has created this open and safe space for the students then it should mean that she is

2014-12-14 Letting the Students check Quizzes and Exams:

Thanks for your question.  There is no wrong or right answer to this. It depends on the circumstances and I believe most importantly in the guidelines that are used when doing this. For example for MC

2014-09-17 Problem with teaching/dealing with kids:

Thank you for your question Hessa. And no, your long story is not a bother.  You seem to be a difficult position with a Director who requires more of the students than they are able to perform at this

2013-10-20 Special Ed Teaching:

hi Joanna  Unfortunately I do not have any ideas or suggestions for you. I do not know of anything different that what you have probably come up with already. If you have searched the internet and did

2013-07-15 Balancing being a Teacher and Comic artist:

Hello April  Thank you for your question. But this is really a very personal decision. It is difficult for anyone to say what you are capable of and what will work for you. I am sure you are aware that


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