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creative art experiences for children of all ages

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Written over ten books of art ideas, from Mudworks, to Scribble Art, to Discovering Great Artists. I enjoy sharing ideas from my books.




Parenting Magazine, Fisher-Price, Donna's Day tv show, Early Childhood News, Scholastic

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I love watching the lights come on in children's eyes when they see art materials spread out on a table before them.

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Lauren 07/21/13101010Her advice was truly helpful to me .....
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Recent Answers from MaryAnn F. Kohl

2013-07-21 words to say to young children:

Over praising or empty praising is a problem... not sincere praise when praise is due. I suggest asking the child, "How did that feel to paint such a big painting!?" They can praise themselves too.   

2009-09-18 Help!/academic coach criticizes:

1.)  If she is criticizing you, ask for help with what she expects, maybe even ask for an "assignment" that she can come in and watch the day or next week. Get something concrete that you can build on

2009-03-23 teaching without experience:

This is outside my expertise as I am an expert in the field of art for children. None the less, I believe if you have a doctor's degree, you should feel confident to move forward and open your school.

2006-08-06 teaching/answer:

Please forgive me for not answering your question properly... I just picked my husband up from ICU/Open Heart Surgery. My plate is FULL.    I suggest you talk to a counselor in admissions at any college

2006-02-07 childrens education:

The best way for children to study paintings of the great masters is to understand "how' the painter did what he did, and then try the same technique or style.     For example, to study Van Gogh, the children


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