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Preparation for LSAT, GRE, MCAT, GMAT. Personal statements, letters of recommendation, graduate application process, practice tests. No Questions about Undergrad Admissions(unless you are planning to go to law, business, medical or grad school eventually). Note that I change private questions to public so they are available to others. If you have something that is truly private, let me know.

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Over 19 years full time graduate entrance exam prep with over 1500 students nationally and internationally.


Barron's MCAT Prep Book, Lead Author


BA, Linguistics with Honors and Distinction, University of Michigan MA, Special Education with an Emphasis in Learning Disabilities and Giftedness, with Honors, University of New Mexico

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2015-12-19 Transcripts:

Hi, Taylor.    This is not the usual kind of thing that I deal with but I'm guessing that schools must have a way to deal with multiple undergrad institutions. If you're concerned, contact the schools

2015-09-15 letters:

Hi, Michelle.    I think you should go ahead and ask them to write a letter now. If they are still available when  you get closer to the application time, you could  have them rewrite or redate the letter

2015-06-25 planning to study MS in USA:

Dear Lokesh,    The requirements for entrance into a graduate program include completing the application form, submitting your undergraduate records, submitting a personal statement, also called letter

2015-05-18 required tests:

I don't know anything about that school but it's not too surprising that an English program would not care much about the GRE. It's also consistent that an online program would not care about the GRE but

2015-05-17 required tests:

Hi, Danielle.    You don't say what kind of program you're applying for. That can make a difference. In general, though, just the fact that the school doesn't require an entrance exam doesn't necessarily


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