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Just about any home wiring question. (not appliance repair) I have done all kinds of home wiring for myself, including adding a new breaker box, etc. Please, questions from North America only. Please be specific with details. Please note that I am a homeowner who is self-taught. I know a lot, but I am not an electrician. I always base my answers on following the rules. If you are asking me how to jury-rig something, you probably won't like my answer.

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Please note that you should never disconnect all wires in a junction box. If you are replacing something, do not uncap wires that go to each other. If you do, no one will be able to help you on line. You will need to get an electrician with testing and diagnostic tools to trace every wire to put them back.

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2016-09-22 Lincoln AC-DC Welder IMT227 connection Sub-panel:

The grounds and neutrals should be separated everywhere in the panel. The case of the panel should be connected to the side that is grounded.  The neutral wires should be separated and not connected to

2016-09-19 electrical wiring:

The brass screw is positive.  But I can't tell you which wire is positive because I don't know how they wired the lamp.  If the socket is a typical brass plated socket, then pull the cover off (without

2016-09-16 electrical wiring:

Take a look where the wires connect to the socket.  The wire that connects to the center bottom button of the socket (probably brass there too) connects to the brass screw near the narrower blade. The

2016-08-30 20 amp outlet:

You risk starting a fire by connecteing a 20 amp appliance to a 15 amp circuit. You can not change the breaker without changing the wire. That is the quickest way to start a fire. You will need an electrician

2016-08-22 electrical outlets:

I am not sure what you mean.  Polarity is a good thing.  If you are getting "reversed polarity," then you have a disconnected white wire between the good outlet and one of the bad ones (probably the one


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