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Licensed Philadelphia electrician serving Delaware, Chester, Montgomery and Philadelphia County in Pennsylvania. I install and repair residential, commercial and industrial wiring and lighting. Troubleshooting and repair of problems that stump other people is my favorite. I am willing to help people figure out why things don`t work. I understand motor controls, transformers and machine wiring. I do not teach basics to novices or do free design work.

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Experience in the area I have 44 years experience in residential, commercial and industrial electrical construction and repair, 480 volts and below. This is not to be confused with one week repeated two thousand times.


44 years experience in residential, commercial and industrial electrical construction and repair

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I know it. Dead cold.

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Electricity kills.

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Kenny    Sorry about that. I just got the point of your question!    My method would be to wire-nut off the conductors separately at the wall and then test to see which were the hot feed. I just don't


Kenny  I may just be obtuse but I don't understand your question

2016-10-09 4 way switch problem:

Hi Nick  Nice to hear from you     Since it is the three way switch it is pretty straightforward if it worked before.  There are three wires from 2 cables. The wire from the cable with one free conductor

2016-10-08 replacing a kitchen 3-way dimmer switch:

Kevin    The installer didn't follow standard wiring practice, but that is no problem.  It would appear that the free black wire [in the 2-wire cable] is the load wire which would be connected to the common

2016-10-07 Adding sub-panel in garage:

Robert Wilber  Philadelphia Licensed Electrician  Philadelphia License # 3516 - 16765  *  LIFE SAFETY WARNING! [disclaimer]


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