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Troubleshooting electrical including appliances and HVAC.

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2016-10-23 Wiring Air Handler with 20KW heat strip:

Your diagram is too small for me to read the specs in detail.  I do see that is it rated at 20Kw at 240 volts, which means 83 amps, which means #3 copper.    I would go with a 125 amp sub panel for the

2016-05-09 Blown fuse:

Turn off the light switch and try resetting your breaker by first turning it all the way off (it should make a snapping noise) and then back on.  If it trips right away you will have to leave it off until

2016-04-25 receptical:

If you have no power from the black to white (hot to neutral) but have about 110v from black to ground it means you have a broken or disconnected neutral.    It could be as simple as the outlet needs to

2016-03-29 Electrical Retrofitting a Travel Trailer:

With an older trailer the question you have to ask yourself is how far do I want to go with this upgrade.    The first and foremost thought is safety.    My thoughts are if this is my trailer and it is

2016-03-19 Electrical wiring diagram:

Not to modern code, no.    If the microwave is the kind that is above the stove with hood built in, it needs it's own 20 amp circuit.    Modern code has kitchen outlets on alternating circuits. In other


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