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I am a Water Well Driller and Water Pump technician. I own a business in Riverview, Fl. We repair motors and pumps in shop and in the field. We repair and replace submersible and jet pumps, galvanized and bladder tanks, and their controls. Water filtration is another one of our specialties.

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I started drilling and repairing wells and pumps with my dad in 1958 at the age of 13 years. I worked with him on weekends and in the summer when not in school. After graduating high school, I worked for my Dad until going into the Army in 1968. I spent three years in the Army then went back into the Well Drilling/Repair field.


Many Forums including my own.


High school and a few courses after getting out of the Army. They were offered on the GI Bill.

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Mary E. Harry11/25/16101010You gave me soooo much good information .....
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Kay09/24/16101010Thank u
Linda09/24/16101010Thanks for your help Bob!

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2016-12-15 Question on short cycling:

I may be steering you wrong.  This Champion 4202 tank isn't a galvanized tank is it?  If so, I have been giving you info on how to set up a bladder tank.  Totally different animals.  If your tank can be

2016-12-15 Question on short cycling:

When you say "water is bled out" did you do this by opening a faucet or by pushing the air out with the air compressor?  If the tank already has water in it at zero pressure on the pressure gauge, the

2016-12-15 Question on short cycling:

The air pressure in a tank (one that has a good bladder) should be two pounds less than the turn on pressure of the pump.  So with a 40/60 setting, you would put 38 pounds of air in the tank.  You must

2016-11-24 wiring to submersible well pump in conduit?:

Yes, I'm quite sure it was code in 84.  The black pipe your referring to is Poly pipe and is very good for underground use.  Nothing wrong with PVC conduit either, it should be grey in color though.  And

2016-11-23 wiring to submersible well pump in conduit?:

HI Mary,    I have lived in Florida for over 30 years and we don't bury much here.  When I lived in Michigan, we all buried the wire in poly pipe which was the same color and type as the water pipe.  It


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