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  • I can answer most questions on infections such as Spam, Malware, Screen-Hijackers, Worms, Trojan Horses and General PC infections.
  • It would be a great honor for me:
  • Assisting you in eradicating infections.
  • Offering step-by-step procedures to combat future infections.
Windows XP assistance please visit WINDOWS XP TROUBLESHOOTING. Windows 7 assistance please visit WINDOWS 7 TROUBLESHOOTING.

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I have been eradicating viral infections and subjects of online based upon Botnets and Scareware for a reasonable period of time.


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Recent Answers from Lenny

2016-07-24 Virus:

Hi Karen,    The best friend for you and worst enemy for this trojan infection would be Kaspersky's TDSS trojan killer and removal tool.    Please follow link 1 below to download, run and eliminate this

2016-06-30 what is my computer's problem and how to solve it:

Hello Pui,    I am sorry to inform you that (out of my understanding of your question) that your computer/laptop has overheating problems. This in time affects the CPU and Graphic Card and due to(I am

2014-02-06 high cpu:

 Hello Gabe,    Depending on the features you have given, it very well seems like your browser suffers from self-installed third-party spyware feature. It would be advisable, Gabe, that you clicked on

2014-01-13 avg on usb:

Hello Garren,    Most likely, the AVG version you downloaded onto the USB drive is an executable file meant to be  installed on the system before being run. So as a security measure, Microsoft in-built

2013-12-31 scripts:

Hello Marv,    Please follow the link below and follow instructions within to adjust and eliminate this error.    Internet Explorer script error elimination


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