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What dreams or ideas have you put on the back burner? We all have dreams and things we would like to do in this lifetime. But so often we feel discouraged and our dreams seem so far out of our reach! We are so busy with our daily routines, out of control schedules, and commitments to others, that we donít have the time to focus on ourselves, let alone pursue a dream. Some of us are very clear about what we would like to do, but have no clue where to start! We feel as if we lack time, resources, education, the right connections! So, we canít even see how to get to the point where we are actually living our dream! Some of us have even stepped out on faith and started our own businesses only to find out that we lack the preparation and a solid foundation. We never developed a real plan or a blueprint to fully execute our dream. And now we are back at that job feeling stuck, trapped, and unfulfilled! And then there are those of us that donít even know what we are good at! We hear other people talk about their passion and their purpose in life, but we have NO CLUE about our own passion and purpose. We donít even know who we really are! We are good at many things, but canít narrow down what we are really called to do! So instead of living your dream or moving forward with your own idea, you find yourself shrinking into the background, watching others pursue their passions and accomplish their goals, and achieve success after success!

Experience in the area

Sound familiar? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I have been where you are! I know firsthand what it means to have ďyour life interruptedĒ and to have to put your dreams and ideas on hold. I know what it feels like to have your plans and dreams hindered by poor planning and lack of preparation. I know the overwhelm of trying to balance a family, career, and education, and still find the time and energy to live your own life and explore your own passions! After years of feeling stuck and frustrated, I decided to take ACTION! I decided to Find Balance, Make Moves and Live My Dreams! And you can do the same! With the right balance, support, determination and ACTION, every dream is possible! And YOUR journey to PERSONAL SUCCESS starts here! I am a life coach specializing in personal success, personal development and achievement. While my coaching programs can help anyone, I have a passion for helping women who are ready to move to the next phase of their life, but have no idea where to start! Women who have had their lives and dreams interrupted or put on hold by life situations, emergencies and setbacks. Women who are unfulfilled, overwhelmed, and feel stuck and trapped in their current situation. If this sounds like you, I CAN HELP YOU!


Interviews and Appearances: -Celebrating Sisters- Radio One Columbus -Lady Charmaine Live (Weekly Guest) -Tanya Tyler Online Radio Show -GapTooth Diva Online Radio Show -Your Thoughts Your Reality Radio Show -Mind Majick Radio Show -CEO Blog Nation, Why Did You Start Your Business? Ashley Poulter, Editor-In-Chief -Speakersí Worst Nightmares, eBook Bill Corbett, Author|Speaker|Producer -REAL Advice from REAL Experience, Volume I: Advice, tips and strategies for your life, relationships and career, eBook Tamara Hartley, Your Advice Guru


I have over 15 yearsí experience managing, coaching and developing individuals. I have a bachelorís degree in business administration with a minor in marketing promotions. I have a masterís degree in marketing and communication, and am currently pursuing a PhD in industrial/organizational psychology with a special concentration in coaching psychology and personal and professional development.

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Nationally syndicated advice column

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Former Speaking Engagements and Events: -Keynote Speaker, Ohio Department of Youth Services-State of Ohio -Keynote Speaker, Restoration Youth Group- Columbus -Workshop Facilitator, Increase CDC- Columbus -National Corporate Spokesperson- Whoís Who Publishing Company (27 Markets)

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