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Doug Staneart has over ten years experience in and can answer questions dealing with overcoming nervousness or anxiety associated with public speaking, how to become a more polished and confident speaker, how to write and organize a speech, or how to deliver effective sales presentations.

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Doug Staneart has been a speaker and trainer for over ten years specializing in public speaking, sales training, and team building. Doug is CEO of The Leader?s Institute® (Public Speaking Training) based in Dallas and author of the books 40 Ways to Influence People and Fearless Presentations. He has accumulated over 700 hours of classroom coaching and training and began his career with Dale Carnegie Training® where he was recognized on numerous occasions for superior instruction.


BA Business Management

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For many people, public speaking is such an overwhelming fear, and with just a little coaching, ANYONE can overcome this fear. It is very exciting for me to see confidence grow in people with just a few minor changes.

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90% of nervousness doesn't even show. In fact, with a few simple tips, a person can use nervousness to his/her advantage in front of a group.

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Memorizing a written speach is the worst way to prepare for a talk. It will just make the speaker more nervous.

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2017-01-25 Impromptu Speech + Effective Communicator and speaker:

Rekha,    This type of nervousness is very common, but your solution really depends on the cause of the nervousness.     As an overview, any fear comes from an increase risk of public failure, injury,

2011-05-02 Underlying Causes:

Sabrina, sorry for the delay in responding. I just realized that you asked a follow up question (I thought it was a duplicate of the original question.)    Yes, fear not only comes from true "failures"

2011-04-20 Underlying Causes:

Sabrina, the cause of public speaking fear (any fear for that matter) is pretty simple...    Anytime we try something new (any new skill whether it's learning to ride a bike when we're 4 or 5 years old

2010-10-23 Fear to perform:

Mikey, worry less about where to look and focus more on communicating with the individuals in your audience.  Pretend that you are speaking to your friends at lunch and trying to tell them about the cool

2010-01-25 how do you stop being nervous about public speaking?:

Rechas, about 95% of the population are just like you.  We all get nervous.  Sometimes the nervousness can be very challenging.  I recorded a number of videos that help people reduce public speaking fear


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