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2012-12-29 clock:

Hi Dave,  Unless you have a silent lever(normally protruding to the right side of the dial, then the clock will chime on the quarters and strike on the hour.  The three winding arbors are for the chiming

2009-08-16 Key for Walham wind up clock, 31 day, chime:

William, you should be able to obtain a key from the internet.However,the size that you require is required.If you measure the square arbor in mm and reply to me I will be more able to tell you the correct

2009-02-15 Seth Thomas Mantle Clock:

make sure that you have wound all 3 mainsprings.  Check the dial at 3 o'clock this is where the chime/silent lever is located.push the lever up & down and this may release the strike/chiming mechanism

2009-02-14 Elgin Watch:

On most case backs there is a small U shaped cut out on the inside of the case back.  Make sure this is lined up with where the winding crown is.  Try to replace but be exta carefull!! as 90% of crowns

2009-02-13 Directions:

On most battery operated clocks the negative side of the battery would normally be placed against the 'spring' end of the battery compartment.  If you make a mistake, then don't worry it is very unlikely


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