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This is for advice only. ~Most~ repairs need a professional. If I can help you with an adjustment that can set your clock back in order I will try. I can not write a chapter on clock repair. I will point you in the right direction and you will have to do your own research on how clocks work for more intense repairs. -No Watches -No Appraisals. Search ebay for past sales for that information.

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Recent Answers from Marilyn Bellotti

2016-09-26 grandfather clock:

Hi Doris,     You might be getting into something you may not be able to put back together the first   time around. It takes a long time.      The first thing you have to do is to study how the strike

2016-09-18 follow up:

Hi Doris,   You need to study the chime and striking part of the clock.   The striking rack isn't dropping into the snail properly so   it will strike 12 all the time.   I'm not sure what the problem could

2016-09-16 Steinway Grandfather clock:

Hi Doris, (That's my mom's name)    Of course a professional cleaning the clock is best....  Then check to see if there is a chime/silent switch that may be in the silent position.   And check to see if

2016-08-14 Urgos chime movement:

Hi Lew,     What did you clean the movement with?  Many times there is a lot of dirt between the   pivot shoulder and the inside plate.   You need to get a stiff paint brush (not hairs)  with nylon bristles

2016-08-01 Verichron School House Clock:

Hi Barbara,     You have a key wound pendulum wall clock.   Here is a link to an owners manual for most   westminster chime clocks.   Even though it says Verichron it most likely   has a hermle movement


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