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Recent Answers from NORMAN DAVIS

2016-01-25 fax machine-panasonic #kxfm260:

verify you didn't disturb any parts like paper or cover.  try plugging it into another outlet...   if still same issue   then only thing holding it together was the constant supply of power...  I have

2015-12-08 irc 5180:

step one figure out how to disable the fiery and how to enable it back again...   once you have disabled the fiery then you will be running the the network cable straight to the machine... not to the fiery

2015-08-04 pc940 copier:

Open up the back and dust off all the boards... dust can cause wierd issues...   if that does not work then...    does it print any internal reports?  does it print when connected to a computer?  if it

2015-05-17 Regarding canon ir3300 copier slow issues:

by checking the specs... I see the most it will print is 33 pages a minute...  any number of things can cause the difference in speed...  1.  not setting the print driver to spool  2.  timeout issues on

2015-04-14 canonir 7095 radf settings &srvice:

you have either staples, tape, adhesive tab or piece of paper blocking the path... its going to take some work to get it out... no easy way around it...    you might even have to take apart the adf to


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