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Tv's and small electronics which include radios, amps, game consuls and computers. I also repair appliances which include washers and dryers. I have almost 20 years as a repair tech and owned my own business for almost 10 years.

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Repaired Tv's for almost 20yrs and have been repairing washers, dryers, game consuls and computers for over 10 years. Most computers repaired can be fixed with the stroke of keys. It's just knowing how to get there.


Radio,Att and yellow pages listing


Degree in electronic technology . Networking . Telecommunication and BIo medical hospital equipment.

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Prashant S Akerkar 09/01/16101010Dear Tyrone Thanks Prashant
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2016-12-26 FM signal booster:

Hi Tom thanks for choosing I will be happy to assist you. Boosting your signal would be the first step in your situation. When you boost your signal what your are actually doing is increasing

2016-10-09 back up camera:

Hi Robert as long as it is grounded securely and not loose. Again Just make sure nothing is crossed or touching neg vs pos. Ground is ground and in some way it all leads back to the grounding of the truck

2016-09-26 Sony stereo receiver:

Hi William thanks for choosing allexperts sorry for the delay. It seems to me you are having a problem with the receiver not the outlets in you home. The clicking sound is the relay trying to turn the

2016-09-24 back up camera:

Hi Robert thanks for choosing allexperts. I would think that if it was not grounded properly you would have problems even when your vehicle is just sitting still in the garage. It could be due to the sunlight

2016-08-29 Connecting External speakers to LCD TV.:

Hi thanks for choosing allexperts I will be happy to assist you. Yes it is possible with a surround sound system. There are some tv that will allow you to using the optical audio cable if the tv is equipped


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