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Consumer Electronics of all kinds. Audio, esoteric audio systems and components, video, tv. Digital equipment for consumer use. Ham radio and automotive electronics. Note: I give advice on tv repair based on general consumer electronics engineering experience but I am not engaged in actual repair of sets. MAKE SURE YOU GIVE THE MAKE AND MODEL NUMBER AND AGE OF THE SET. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR THE RETURN ANSWER DURING THE NEXT 24 HOURS AS I TRY TO REPLY TO ALL QUESTIONS WITHIN THE SAME DAY IF NOT THE SAME HOUR.

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Electrical Engineering; recording, broadcasting, design, international standards, tv and radio theory and practice.


FELLOW of AES (Audio Engineering Society)
Senior Life Member of IEEE (Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers)
International Consulting Organization


IEEE Spectrum
Various Consumer Electronic publications



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Robert09/21/16101010Very helpful and detailed answers.

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2016-09-27 Vertical horizontal issue:

See page 31 of your users manual and it will explain to you how to adjust the aspect ratio.    The vertical and horizontal size are set at the factory and all you can adjust is the aspect ratio for the

2016-09-26 Portable CD player:

Most cd players of current vintage have anti-skip built in even when they don't specify it.      The portable ones using headsets claim it because they want the customer to know that when they bounce around

2016-09-24 Portable CD player:

I suspect you can find many products that will suit your needs with some searching on google, yahoo, bestbuy, walmart and so forth.    I donot give product recommendations because there are so many subjective

2016-09-19 Backup camera:

It can be anywhere so long as the ground wire is attached to something that is part of the chassis.  Doesn't really matter but ground wire shorter the better.  If radio has good ground you could use the

2016-09-19 Backup camera:

The ground must be to a solid metal section of the car chassis. Screw should be into a drilled hole and the surface around the screwhole sanded down to bare metal.     Hope this helps .


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