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I am a Dianetics and Scientology Counselor. I have been helping people with the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology by L. Ron Hubbard for 33 years. Scientology can give you: 1.A higher IQ to handle your problems 2.Higher awareness to get a better job 3.More energy to make more money 4.Better health to breast life 5.Better morale to handle upsets 6.Less despair 7.More life 8.More years to live Email to set up a free introductory session. You can also visit my website:

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Graduate V Auditor and Case Supervisor with 33 years of experience.


Licensed by IHELP (International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors)

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2016-08-29 Dead file:

Hi Ben,    Sorry to hear of your difficulty.    I would advise reporting this on this website:    If that doesn't get you a reply and a resolution,  let me know

2012-08-18 Am I salvagable:

Hi,  If you like, you could email me at and I could  find someone in your area who could help get you started. Just tell me where you are located.  Or, if you live close

2012-08-18 Am I salvagable:

Hi Jeff,  1.  Yes - if you want to find God  2.  Yes - if you want to raise your IQ  3.  Yes- if you want to be a better person  4.  How much it would cost would depend upon what degree you would want

2012-08-10 Afterlife question:

Hi Jeff,  Good question.    I think you would best be answered by reading the book   History of Man.  It's not very long and will answer this question  much better than I could in an email.  After you

2012-08-07 Right and Wrong:

Hi,  You're welcome.  Let me know what you think after you read that part of the book.  As for the website that doesn't work, is that  If so, it worked for me just now.  Or


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