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Regarding the Organizing Board, Administrative and Management matters as developed by Lafayette Ron Hubbard. Some technical issues also.

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43 years a Scientologists with 12 years on staff in various executive positions


Association of professional Independent Scientologists Australian Institute of Company Directors Australian Society of Authors Think Big Magazine Gold Standard Institute Veritas Magazine Company Director Magazine


Free Theta Free Thetan Australian Resources & Investment Magazine AHA Investor


HSDC, DSEC, MAICD, OEC, Ministers Course. Various other courses

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the technology and philosophy is quite divorced from the church. the church, since the demise of the Founder Hubbard, does not practice scientology anymore in my opinion.

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priscilla08/07/12101010Okay thank you

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2015-07-30 psychiatric drugs:

The Church will not touch you as you have been under a Psychiatrist and on psychiatric drugs.    You MAY be able to get auditing outside of the church but certainly would need to be OFF the drugs for at

2015-02-23 Scientology Questions for a project:

Hi Nikki,    Ok here goes, I will answer to the best I can here.    1. Do Scientologists have any Sacred Shrines?  No.  The closest is a office reserved for Ron Hubbard in each Church for his use but it

2013-08-09 Multiple Questions on tech + new books / auditing:

There are auditors around and you can find them by going to the INDIE Scientologist group on Facebook.    The old books are the original.  The new books have alterations in them that were purposely done

2013-08-08 Multiple Questions on tech + new books / auditing:

Hi Chris,    Re your questions,  I will answer to the best of my ability here.    1 - What is the difference between the original LRH tech and the tech currently taught by the Church of Scientology?  

2013-06-25 Take my name off your mailing list:

Hi Vera,  I am just a volunteer person to answer specific questions.  I think you need to talk to All Experts to get off their mailing list, if indeed you are one one.  I did not know they ran a mailing


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